I`ve been doing research in abstract mathematics for the last fifteen years. I have learned how to ask myself questions, how to wait for answers, how to improve first solutions. I have acquired the ability to predict whether my research will end with success.

My writing of poems and short stories (since childehood), reading Bateson`s work, playing chess, composing music, working with homeomorphisms - all this teached me what PATTERN is, how to change it, how to make variations, how to redefine a problem.

In 1993 I started to learn neurolingvistic programming - NLP. I was interested in creativity too. In 1996 I run a seminar "How to be more creative with help of NLP " for a small group of people in the Center for Human Development in Bratislava.

My knowledge about learning could be useful as well. A new method of "writing" needs to be easy to learn. In 1998, in Slovakia, I published a book about effective learning of languages, entitled "Would you like to learn languages succesfully?" Again, writing this book, I applied the methodology of NLP.

Some of my findings:
- How to catch (or kill) mosquitoes without making a wall or a book dirty.
- A new system of voting permitting the voter to choose an ideal parliament instead of voting only for one single party.
- In mathematics: how to define "contractivity" and "monotonicity" using purely topological language (without a distance function or an order defined on the space).


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