To help to create something concrete - as a contrast to my abstract scientific papers.

To see my country one day becoming a member of the EU.

To meet Robert Dilts, Marvin Minsky, Bill Gates, Mark Weiser... and an ET.

To play guitar better and to learn it in Granada, with a spanish teacher. To speak spanish fluently.

To be in a team creating a new fascinating software for learning languages. I have some concrete ideas how to create it.

To improve my english and be capable to write short stories and essays for english e-zines.

To be involved in interesting projects concerning Internet. Interesting means for me: informations, learning, human communication, languages, creating, writing.

To have a house with nice garden, located near a forrest.

To live as a free-lanced "i-writer" ("i" = internet).

Power to the people and other living creatures - not to the cars! ;-)


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