The main aim of this book is to help you learn languages with less toil and substantially enhance your life with a knowledge of languages.

This book will let you in on the secrets of polyglots the people who have learnt languages with exceptional success. It will tell you how you can learn a lot more with the same amount of effort. It will enable you to add up the costs of achieving your language goals. It will teach you to decide which course will be of benefit to you and which is a waste of time.

This book utilizes the NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) model, which enables you to exploit language-studying resources in an untraditional way. It will demonstrate that you too can achieve above-average results and that it is up to you if you are up to it. It will reveal how best to remember phrases and vocabulary. It will tell you how to make effective use of computers for language studies and which language resources can be found for free on the internet.


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