Doc. RNDr. Ivan Kupka, PhD. (1958)

Since completing his university studies, he has worked  (with one year-long break) at Comenius University in Bratislava, where he specializes in mathematical analysis. He also taught mathematics at the Université de Bretagne Occidentale in France for a year. He has completed courses in neurolinguistic programming in France and Belgium.

For many years he has been interested in various aspects of communication. His areas of interest include effective learning methods, motivation, creativity and interpersonal communications, information processing and the internet. He has held seminars on neurolinguistic programming communications techniques and effective language learning. He is the author of the first Slovak textbook on neurolinguistic programming. He has published scientific articles on selector theory and topology. He has worked as an internet journalist for e-journals at www.inzine.sk and www.profini.sk. In 2006 Grada Publishing brought out his exceptionally readable K sebedůvěře krok za krokem (Step by Step to Self-confidence),  a book on problem-management, improving communication skills and achieving personal harmony.

The book you are now holding is based on his many years' experience of learning languages, which are his great passion. He has passed the state examination in English and worked as a  translator and interpreter from French. He also reads books in German, Spanish, Russian and Italian, and his hobbies include books, poetry, second-hand bookshops, psychology, yoga, chess and the guitar. He is married and has two daughters.